FORMADERA INDUSTRIAL DESIGN was founded in 2008 as a one-man-band by Daniel Sjöholm, an award winning designer with degrees in product and automotive design from the two world leading design universities in the world. Umeå School of Design and the Royal College of Art, London.

Throughout the years, since then, we've worked within a network of engineers, analysts and marketing strategists with product development in many various fields.

The portfolio ensures a 'widescreen' approach and perspective for your company's field or market when you choose us as partner for design development.


We design products and all things connected to them with Research, Sketch, Concept, Engineering, Graphics, Color and Packaging. In other words – We develop your product from idea to packaged product!


The desk next to you, or remote, whatever suits your need! We are represented in Swedens rural areas through are consultants. Agile and passionate people, who can engage when its time.


If you, like our clients, also have realised the importance of product development, and that it demands engagement and resources, we recommend you to contact us pronto!